Designer Joi’s Sewing Holiday: New Website

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Client: Designer Joi |


Date: September – October 2014 (Landing Page), December – May 2015 (Full Site + Registration)


Services: Website design, graphic design, SEO, event registration


Description: We launched this brand new website in three stages: first came the landing page, which included a logo, a custom infographic, and a mailing list for interested parties to sign up for updates.


Next came the main site itself: information about the event, classes, educators, vendors, and more. We created a fun, whimsical site, with bright pops of color to fuel enthusiasm for the event. Joi also worked with our video partner, Diesel Pictures, to create an informational video for the front page of the site.


The final wave of this project came with the event registration page. We designed the registration form to Joi’s specifications, providing early bird access, classroom seat limitations, and instructions to guide users for a stress-free process.


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