Mercy: Radio Ads

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Client: Mercy Medical Center

Date: 2014

Services: Copywriting, talent acquisition, audio selection, audio production


HEALTHGRADES CAMPAIGN: Each year, Mercy Sioux City is honored by Healthgrades for its excellence in service, from coronary care to stroke and critical care, among others. Team Creative Fire was asked to develop a campaign for print, video, radio and digital that highlighted these accomplishments. The radio ad was created as a straight-forward message about the accolades.

URGENT CARE CAMPAIGN: The summer is a busy time for urgent care medical professionals. Team Creative Fire tried to highlight the active lifestyles of young people who fall victim to those cuts, scrapes, bruises and falls that fill urgent care patient rooms when school is out. We used a light bed track to set apart this 30-second spot from more serious emergency care ads.

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