Want better healthcare? Take this 2-minute survey

Want better healthcare? Take this 2-minute survey

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Healthcare experiences can be joyous, frustrating or downright exhausting, and patients are continually judging providers on the actions they take.
Now, we’re on a quest to improve healthcare, and we’re doing it one patient at a time. And we need your help.
We’ve created a 2-minute survey to gauge interest among consumers about ways to improve communication between patients, their care providers, and the facilities that serve them.
Take the Survey
It takes less than 2 minutes.
Patient satisfaction is a top concern for healthcare leaders everywhere. Since we work with a number of medical clients, developing a solution that helps them improve the patient experience is an essential complement to their traditional marketing strategy. If patients leave dissatisfied with their care, no marketing plan will change their perception.
With feedback gathered through this survey, we hope to identify what services or steps in the healthcare process are most problematic for patients, and identify whether a technology solution can help solve those problems.
Thanks for taking part in this important project. As an incentive for participating, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $20 Starbucks gift card.
Take the Survey


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