Studies: Most companies have no social media plan

Studies: Most companies have no social media plan

A 2010 story from the Social Times reports that two studies out last year find that more than half of all companies have no social media plan.

It’s hard to believe that there are so many companies that have not taken the steps to put into place a plan to take advantage of this fast-emerging marketing avenue. Worse yet, the study finds that many of the companies who are expending resources have not made revenue gains despite their efforts.

But there is hope:

“The data we’ve compiled suggests that marketers clearly recognize the need for, and see the potential of, social media.”

At least the companies know there is a need to get into the social space and define their brand, even if it has meant making some mistakes along the way.

And with a look around Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, you’ll surely find many companies who are doing social media well.

So now the work begins. How is your company adding value to your bottom line. Love to hear your comments.

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