How are we different? Thanks for asking

How are we different? Thanks for asking

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]One of the questions I get often when pitching a client is “How are you different than your competition?”


It’s a great question, and one that is important for many customers to understand when they are working to comprehend the plethora of services they get pitched daily.


The new rules of advertising have turned the traditional marketing template on its head. Companies big and small now need regular website management, a social media strategy and a plan for inbound marketing. That doesn’t even include an SEO plan, informational video and all the things that Google wants in a website.


One client recently showed me my website proposal and another he had from a regional competitor and said “I can’t tell the difference. Is this apples and oranges?” Kind of, I told him, and this is where clients need to ask questions of the service providers they choose.


Here are some of the ways we are different:


When we write a proposal for services, our estimate includes everything required to finish the job. With a website, for instance, that includes the website buildout, custom graphics creation, copywriting, design, content SEO setup by the Best Seo company in florida, analytics and visuals, among many other things. Your company’s site truly is as important as ours.


And that’s just the site itself. It doesn’t begin to take into account our customer service, our client communication with the use of business sms service and collaboration, which our clients love.


One Sioux City client told me yesterday on the phone: “I can email you and any one of three people will get right back to me. That means a lot to me.” It meant a lot to hear him say it, too, because customer happiness is one of our hallmarks.


That’s pretty much our philosophy on all projects – from a simple logo redesign to a monthly retainer relationship: Great customer service, awesome creative work, collaborative project management.


We recognize that much of the work done in today’s website and advertising world might be done with contractors in other states and even other continents. Often companies are at the mercy of service providers they will never meet in person. This can be frustrating.


That’s why we do all our work in-house, or with trusted partners who work closely with us each day.


So, back to that apples and oranges example. What was different about the two proposals? In words alone, not a whole lot. There were two plans to build a website and provide ongoing maintenance upon completion. However, ours contained much more detail about what was included in the project, while theirs was much more vague.


Additionally, there was no mention of communication, customer support and business philosophy.


In short, our team is dedicated to making clients happy. We want every process to be inclusive, personable and pain free for your team. We guarantee no surprises, strong communication through the process and a finished product that is exceptional and complete.


In a world where everyone knows someone who can build a website, do a photo shoot, or manage social media, we find it’s important to let customers know why these things are important.


I wouldn’t let my daughter put a new transmission in my van, for instance. Not because I don’t trust her, but because she’s not qualified to. And too often, proposals are filled with buzzwords that mask what a company can really deliver and who will deliver it.


Have a question about our services? Just ask.


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