App of the Month: Hyperlapse by Instagram

App of the Month: Hyperlapse by Instagram

By Nakia Tyler


If you’ve ever been to Team Creative Fire HQ, you probably noticed that finding our particular corner of the Benson Building is a challenge – some visitors have even gone so far as to call it a maze.


So, when Hyperlapse by Instagram first came out a few weeks ago, one of my very first ideas was, hey! I should make one that shows people how to find us.





Now, I’ve spent some more time with Hyperlapse, and I’ve got some thoughts that I would like to share with you all. Specifically, I want to tell you three things that I love about Hyperlapse, and one tiny reason that it’s not as awesome as I’d like it to be.

Three Things I love about Hyperlapse…


#1: It’s super simple.


Almost overwhelmingly so, in fact. Just three very easy steps: 1) Open the app; 2) Hit record; 3) Choose a speed for your time-lapse. From there, it’s just deciding how you want to share your masterpiece with the world.


It’s easy to try and overthink it. Where are the extra options? Where is the menu? What am I doing wrong?


Don’t panic – it really is THAT simple.


#2: It makes me look good.


I’m not even close to being a professional videographer. I don’t even have my own YouTube channel. The only videos I take are with my phone, and their quality is substandard at best, with crappy audio and a shaky hand.


Hyperlapse has an in-house image stabilization that gives your finished products a really polished look, almost like I knew what I was doing! Plus they are inherently muted, so I don’t have to worry about bad audio ruining my video.


Despite my lack of any real training in the photography department, even I can appreciate how powerful the technology (and sorcery?) behind Hyperlapse must be.


#3: It’s easily shareable.


Not only is it literally easy to share your Hyperlapse videos on Facebook or Instagram (see #1), the content itself is easy to share.


You are essentially packing a ton of awesomeness into a small morsel of decadent visual eye candy. That’s the best part – these bite-sized videos are easy and enjoyable to consume. Plus, because you can add Instagram filters, they have both style and sass.


If you make the mistake of taking your video in vertical mode, like I did, and Instagram cuts important parts of your video out, you can just save the video to your camera roll and upload to YouTube, which is also easy enough to do.


It seems like the possibilities for producing these time-lapse videos are endless, and now it’s a million times less complicated than it was before.

…and one thing I wish it could do.


I wish I could upload other videos.


I know I’m asking a lot of the miracle workers at Instagram here, but hear me out.


Five years ago, my friend and I went to Japan for a little vacation, and one of my favorite things that I brought back with me was a video I took of us walking back from shopping in Harajuku back to our hotel in Shinjuku.


It’s like a 20 minute video, and obviously shaky because I was walking the whole time. How awesome would it be to pop that baby into Hyperlapse and watch the whole thing in two super smooth minutes?


Like I said, it’s just wishful thinking right now, and it’s basically in lieu of having no other complaints about this awesome app. It’s really just super cool and fun, not to mention powerful.


Have you tried Hyperlapse yet? What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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