Project Complete: Dr. Paul Coffin Website Redesign

Project Complete: Dr. Paul Coffin Website Redesign

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by Nakia Tyler


No smiley faces on toes, no feet hanging off the bed, and no walking on the beach.


That was one of the first requests that Kathy Coffin made when we sat down to discuss the website redesign for her husband’s podiatry practice and custom orthotics business:


If you’ve ever searched “feet” in any kind of stock photo site, you know that these pictures are very tough to avoid, which is why this site is full of brand new photography, taken in Dr. Coffin’s office and orthotics lab. We worked with one of our favorite photographers, Jerry Mennenga, to capture high quality shots that would really make the site stand out.


Jerry wasn’t the only one that got to have fun taking photos. Mal and Thomas both had a chance to step behind the lens in a couple of follow-up shoots. I tagged along, too, but my contribution to the photography was simply documenting some behind-the-scenes action with my iPhone.



In addition to some awesome photos, the new website for Dr. Paul Coffin also includes two videos, filmed and produced by Team Creative Fire, to provide visitors with some education about the biomechanics of the foot, and how to take great impressions for orthotic inserts. The latter is mostly geared towards Postural Restoration therapists all over the world that send their impressions to Dr. Coffin, who then makes custom orthotics for their patients.


One of the best things about this job is how much I learn about the businesses I work with. Before I started working on this project, I knew nothing about orthotics, or biomechanics, or how either of those topics could impact my life. Case in point? The day of our first photo shoot, I wore flip-flops to the podiatry office.




Not my brightest moment, and believe me, I heard plenty about it from my new friends, the Coffins! I still wear my flip-flops, but the next time I went to purchase a new pair of walking shoes, I made sure to use Dr. Coffins shoe tips to ensure the best support possible. Without getting orthotic inserts, of course.


But, let’s face it. As fascinating as they might be, it’s tough to make feet sexy. Or any kind of appealing, really. So, we made sure that compelling photos and a sleek, modern design came together to form a strong visual appeal for any audience.


We worked closely with Kathy, who personally wrote all of the copy, and oversaw the design changes for the site. It was a pleasure to work with a client who was hands-on and engaged with the project from the beginning. It was obvious that Kathy had a clear vision for what the site should be, and we are so happy that she is pleased with the result.


This was one of the first WordPress themes I’ve worked with that used Visual Composer, and in the short time since we’ve started this project, that has become one of my must-haves when looking for themes. It might be a little more “bulky” to work with than text and widgets, but the options for customization are virtually endless, and I feel like the included elements give sites a nice, polished look.


As always, I sign off on this project with just a bit of sadness. I’ve really enjoyed working on this website, and getting to know Dr. and Kathy Coffin, and their awesome staff at their office. On the other hand, I’m super excited to finally be able to share this site with everyone, because I feel like it’s one of our best!


Of course, I might feel that way about all of our websites. Teehee![/vc_column][/vc_row]

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