Western Expansion – TCF Bozeman office is open

Western Expansion – TCF Bozeman office is open

As our group settled into a corner table last summer at Golden Bowl, one of my favorite Sioux City lunch spots, my boss, Thomas, asked: “So, Nakia, when are you moving to Montana?”


The question wasn’t totally out of the blue – I had just returned from my second annual trip to visit my best friend in the Bozeman area – nor was it totally unfounded. While on my trip, during a float down the Madison River, I had an epiphany. Not only did I really want to live here, but I was actually at a place in my life where I could possibly make it happen.

Me and Meri on the float that sealed the deal.
Meri and me on the float that sealed the deal. 

I spent the rest of the float thinking about practical steps I would need to take in order to make a decision. I knew that the first conversation that I had to have was with Thomas, because if I couldn’t take my job with me, that was probably a deal-breaker.


How could I ever leave TCF? I love it here, and I love what I do!


So when I answered his question with another question (“Well, that depends – would you be okay with me working remotely, and seeing how it goes?”), he pretty much agreed on the spot, which gave me the freedom to solidify other plans.


So a year later, I’m living the dream in Bozeman, Montana! I’ve been here for about three months now, and the transition has gone smoothly.


I have a cozy home office space that I work from on the north side of town. It’s far enough away from the campus of Montana State University to keep us feeling like the mature 30-somethings that we are, and the downtown area is just a short walk away when we want to go have some fun, or breakfast at Main Street Overeasy.

We’re also only a few blocks away from the fairgrounds where the Farmer’s Market is held on Saturday mornings, and I always look forward to getting a tasty treat from Third Eye Chai when we go!

For things that aren’t within walking distance, I can catch a Streamline bus at one of the many stops near my house, and it’ll take me anywhere in Bozeman I need to go. And the best part – it’s free!

Bozeman is about one-third the size of Sioux City, but I find that, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in its vibrant community life, and the beauty that surrounds us at all times. It’s surreal to me, to be doing something as mundane as grabbing groceries at Smith’s with a beautiful mountain backdrop all around me.

I can see the Bridger Mountain Range from my front door, and there is no shortage of local hikes with breathtaking views nearby. And, if we ever grow tired of the local view (never!), Yellowstone National Park is only a scenic, 2-hr drive through the Canyon away.

Me at Lava Lake – one of the toughest and most rewarding hikes I’ve done so far! 

I’ve had a lot of fun and crazy adventures this summer, but now that things are settling down, I’m looking forward to branching out into my new community, making connections, and meeting new friends, all while still maintaining the client relationships that I built in Sioux City. The best part: I get to bring the same excellent level of service and excitement to clients in a new community.


If you would like to check up on me from time to time, you can follow me on Twitter (@kiabear) and Instagram (@nakiia).


Note: The title of this blog was inspired by this amazing song from one of my favorite bands. They’re not from Montana, but I heard them for the first time while I was here, so I always associate them with this fabulous state.

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