It’s official: Let’s start the fire

It’s official: Let’s start the fire

It’s been a long time coming, this web site for Team Creative Fire.

I officially started my own business in April, but have been busy with client projects, official business rollout duties (paperwork, insurance, business cards, etc) networking and helping plan an entrepreneurial conference in Yankton.

So, of course, I put myself last. It’s a common occurrence, people who run startups tell me, because you are so focused on getting started with the job of building a company.

Well, the web site is finally complete. And I actually had some time to stop and take a breath. So at the time of this writing, I had at least 15 minutes to write something important and introductory about this web site and the Team Creative Fire mission.

I hope to make this spot a place where I can share my creative endeavors as well as some of the great work that we have done. I also will share the creative work of others who make me smile – artists, musicians, web startups, web sitesstorytellers – well, you get the picture.

So take a look around, read a little about what Team Creative Fire does, and give us a holler if you have questions about how we can help your company.

Or just drop us a line and say hello. We love making new friends.

A final note: A big thank you to my close friend and colleague Corey Vondrak for creating the identity work and graphics (including the one above) for my web site. You can see some of his identity work on my portfolio page.

Now get busy living.


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